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MyPortal First-Time Login Guide

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To Login

Open an Internet browser and type in the following URL:
Enter your login information in the Secure Login area and click the Login button. Your username will always be your campuswide ID (CWID). For students, your initial password will likely be your six-digit birth date in mmddyy format. This may also be true for employees, OR it may be the same as your six-digit time sheet password.

My Portal Secure Login
If you do not know your campuswide ID (CWID) you can get help by clicking the "What is my campuswide ID?" link in the Secure Login area. To get your CWID and reset your Password, click the "I Don't Know My Password" link. This process will send your CWID and temporary password to you by e-mail.

Enter a new Password

When you log in the first time, or after resetting your password, you will immediately see the "Password Expired" form where you will enter a new password. The password you choose must be between 5 and 20 characters long, and must contain at least one letter and one number.

Passoword Box

NOTE: Once logged in, you should see the portal page for your primary campus location: Foothill, De Anza or Central Services (FHDA district employees).

Already Forgot Your Password?

  1. Click the Reset Your Password link in the Secure Login area.

  2. Follow the prompts and your password will be reset and emailed to you. When you log on you will immediately be asked to reset it to a new password.