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MyPortal FAQ

Questions with Answers

Q. What is my campus-wide ID?

Your 8-digit campus-wide ID is the same as your student ID.

Financial aid students and new applicants for summer and fall
Your student ID is listed at the top of your college confirmation e-mail.

Continuing students only
You will find your student ID in the registration system.   CLICK the “What is my campus-wide ID?” link on the MyPortal Login page to go to the password reset form at URL: Fill out the form to reset your password. You will get an e-mail that will contain your campus-wide ID and a new temporary password.

Your 8-digit campus-wide ID is the same as your employee ID. You can find it on your pay stub.

Q. If I don’t know my password or it needs to be reset, where do I go?
A. From the MyPortal main page CLICK on the "I don't know my password." link and then CLICK the "reset your password" link in the dialog box that appears. You will be directed to a form that you must complete and submit to have your password reset and retrieve your campus-wide ID.  
Reminder:  If you do not know your primary e-mail address that is on file, supply an alternate e-mail address on this form.

Q. If I am a student and I don’t have a computer, where should I go?
A. On the Foothill campus you can go to the Student Success Center or the Media Center.
On the De Anza campus you can go to the Open Media Lab in the lower level of the Learning Center West (next to the Library).

Q. What browsers are supported?
A. MyPortal is designed to work with Internet Explorer (version 7 and above), Firefox and Safari.

Q. Who do I contact if I need help?
A. Contact Admissions and Records at Foothill by e-mail at Contact Admissions and Records at De Anza by e-mail at

Q. Why don't I have a registration time?
A. If you are a continuing student (registered in the previous quarter, excluding summer), you should have a registration time. If you do not, contact A&R by e-mailing at Foothill or at De Anza. New or returning students will be assigned a registration time after they complete a new application using the CCCApply system.

Q. Why and when do I have to reapply?
A. Admission is regulated by state requirements. You will need to reapply for admission if you did not apply and attend classes in the previous academic quarter (excluding summer). A separate application for admission is required for each campus.

Q. Why can't I access MyPortal (my account info is not found)?
A. The "Login Failed" screen with a message saying the username/password combination could not be found will be displayed if your account is not yet created. If you have just submitted your application using CCCApply try again later, it can take up to a half-hour to process during busy times. Access to MyPortal will be delayed if you are identified as a nonresident on your application for admission. Nonresident applications must be manually reviewed and accepted into the system. Allow at least 24 hours for processing.

Your password may have been entered incorrectly. If this is the first time accessing your account, be sure to enter the initial password properly. It will be the month, day and year of your birthday in six-digit format (MMDDYY). If that does not work, reset your password using the link on the MyPortal Login page. Note that too many failed login attempts will lock your account and you will have to contact Admissions to get it unlocked.

Q. Should I select the option to save my login information on my computer?
A. No.  Saving login information potentially permits anyone to logon to MyPortal with your credentials, allowing them to assume your identity and access FHDA content that is available to you. 

Q. Does everyone logging into MyPortal see the same thing?
A. No.  Each person is given role-based access to the portal, which determines what you can see and have access to.  These roles currently include faculty, employees and students.  Upon logging in, all users will see the “All Users” tab.  Additionally, as a student you will see the “Students” tab, and also the “Financial Aid” tab when appropriate.  If you are an employee at FHDA, you will also see the “Employees” tab.  Faculty will also see a "Faculty" tab.

Q. How do I get an unofficial transcript from MyPortal?
A. CLICK the "Unofficial Transcript" link under the Resources heading of the "Student Portal Services" channel (on the MyPortal "Students" tab).

Q. How do I change my e-mail address in MyPortal?
A. CLICK the "Update Personal Information" link under the Resources heading of the "Student Portal Services" channel (on the MyPortal "Students" tab). CLICK the "View E-mail Addresses" link to see current e-mail addresses. On the screen with your e-mail information, CLICK the "Update E-mail Addresses" at the bottom to change an e-mail address.

Q. Why can't I share an email address with another student?
A. Due to federal privacy laws, students must each have a unique email address to use our registration and portal system. The system will reject you if you try to apply using an email address that is already entered into the system under another name. We realize this is inconvenient for some students, but is required by federal law.

Q. How do I register for a class or look at other information such as the balance that I owe?

  1. After logging into MyPortal you will see a “Students” tab.
  2. When you select or click on it, you will be directed to the page that provides you access to Registration Tools such as determining your registration status. Other links allow you to look up available classes by quarter, add and drop classes or change your course/class options. Use the "Unofficial Transcript" link to view your grades from previous quarters.
  3. You will also be able to check your account balance/statement/summary and payment history along with your financial aid eligibility and information under the “My Account” channel.  

Q. Who do I contact if my prereqs or test scores are not in the system?
A. You will need to contact the Assessment Office on each campus. Contact FH Assessment Office at Foothill, and DA Assessment Office at De Anza.

Q. What times of day is MyPortal available?
A. The MyPortal system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. What is the difference between the old registration system and the new one in MyPortal?
A. The MyPortal system uses the CWID for logon and will not take a Social Security number. Your legacy PIN number will not work. For first-time logon, use your 6-digit birthday (in MMDDYY format) and then choose your own password. Adding yourself to a waitlist is different. See instructions on the "Add or Drop Classes" page, linked from the Registration Tools heading of your "Student Portal Services" channel on the MyPortal "Students" tab.

Q. Can alumni/donors/retirees and visitors access MyPortal?
A. Currently MyPortal is only available to newly admitted, current, and former students, and faculty and staff.

Q. Why am I getting a message saying my browser will not accept "session" cookies when trying to make a payment?
A. The TouchNet payment system requires that your browser be set to accept "session" cookies. Changing this setting is different for each browser:

Note that accepting third-party cookies is considered by some to present a security risk by allowing information to be collected and passed between web pages. If you are concerned, you can reset your settings to their prior configuration after your payment is complete.

Q. I am a student who does not have a Social Security card.  I forgot my password or want to change it.  How can I do that without a Social Security number?
A. Go to Admissions and Records with some form of identification (like your passport) and they can re-set the password for you.  Then the next time you log into MyPortal you will be asked to select a permanent password.